Land Use & Development

It is CCT Planning's goal to facilitate land use development within the Colville Indian Reservation's boundaries.  This is accomplished with timely response to development proposals as well as guidance throughout the permit development process.  

Presently, the process has separated functions, with the day-to-day work (routing of paperwork and site visits) involving permitting being handled by the Tribes Public Works Department, and ultimate approval going through the Tribes Planning Department  

  1. 4-3-81  Planning Director and Land Use Administrator

    (a) Primary Responsibility for Administration and Enforcement: Except as otherwise specifically provided, primary responsibility for administering and enforcing this Chapter is with the Planning Director. The Planning Director may delegate this responsibility to one or more individuals. The person or persons to whom these functions are assigned shall be referred to in this subchapter as the “Land Use Administrator” or Administrator. The term “Staff” or “Planning Staff” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “Administrator”.

    (b) Power of Planning Director: The Planning Director is the administrative head of the Planning Department. As provided in sections 4-3-134 and 4-3-135 the Planning Director is authorized to approve major and minor subdivision final plats. As provided in section 4-3-118(b), the Planning Director is authorized to approve conditional-use permits or upon a finding that the proposed development has the potential to significantly adversely affect the environment or cultural resources, to refer the conditional-use permit application to the Land Use Review Board. As the person primarily responsible for administering and enforcing this Chapter, he determines the completeness of applications and the adequacy of submissions based on the requirements of this Chapter. He makes requests for information and determines the applicability of environmental regulations and other tribal laws to a particular development.

    (Amended 5/2/96, Certified 5/8/03, Resolution of 1996-155)

    (c) Responsibility of Land Use Administrator: The Land Use Administrator shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

    (1) Receive and review all application for zoning permits required herein;

    (2) Process zoning permits and conditional-use permit applications for all permitted uses;

    (3) Receive applications for special-use, variance or amendment and forward same to the Land Use Review Board;

    (4) Record and file all applications for zoning permits with accompanying plans and documents. All applications, plans and documents shall be a public record.

    Further, if by amendment to this Chapter any zone boundary or any other matter shown on the Official Zoning Map is changed by action of the Colville Business, such change shall be promptly indicated on said map by the Administrator, together with the date of passage of the amendment and sufficient written description to give a precise understanding of the change. An up-to-date copy of the Official Zoning Map shall be available for public inspection in the Planning Department during its regular business hours.

Tribal Permit Applications and other Paperwork 

To initiate the below process, please submit paperwork to 

Karri Quill

CCT Planning

Business Services Manager

PO BOX 150

Nespelem, WA 99155

(509) 634-2575

Okay also can you change the link on our page under permits so that emails go to the

The following attachments are documents pertinent to permit development.  

Instruction Sheet

Permit Checklist

Land Use Permit 

Building Permit


Solid Waste Disposal Form

911 Address Application


IHS Permit Application 

Letter of Permission (Property Owner)


Water Permit

Project Proposal Form

On Site Septic Application Process

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