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Comprehensive Planning

Throughout 2015-2020, CCT Planning worked on various elements of the Colville Tribes Comprehensive Plan update.  


The CCT Planning Comprehensive Plan update is unique in Indian Country, in that it had a Growth Management Act (GMA) style approach, and is modeled on the type of Comprehensive Plan documents one would see in surrounding communities.  


The draft was complete in June of 2020, and throughout the remainder of 2020, CCT Planning will work with the Colville Business Council (CBC), the local governments, the tribal community and internal stakeholders, and hope to finalize it by the later stages of the year.   

In conjunction with the development of a Comp Plan, CCT Planning developed their CEDs update.  The Planning Department is partially funded through an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant, and an element of this grant is the production of four-year Economic Plans for the Colville Indian Reservation.

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is produced by CCT Planning, with input from the community, regional stakeholders (regional planning organizations in Ferry and Okanogan Counties), and incorporates demographic and other data into a plan for economic development for the region. The CEDS summarizes the area’s economy, provides geographic and demographic information, identifies potentials and constraints with development, and outlines specific goals to improve economic development throughout the reservation.

2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan Draft

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This is the first draft of the 2020-2040 CCT Planning Comprehensive Plan.  Finalization of this will necessitate public meetings and approval by the Colville Business Council.

Parks and Recreation Plan (2018)
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2016-2020)
Comprehensive Housing Plan (2020)
Omak Industrial Park Master Planning 

Population Study Power Point

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